The  Stichting Historie Joods Groningen  (Foundation History of Jewish Groningen) portrays the history of the   Jewish communities in the town and province of Groningen, the Netherlands, by organizing a range of activities. Examples of such activities are:

  • An exhibition and publication about Jewish life in the city of Groningen and  about Jewish children’s books.
  • Talk about a variety of topics, e.g. the physician Levy Ali Cohen, singer Julia Culp,  author Clara Asscher-Pinkhof, (all from the town of Groningen), Jewish cemeteries, the High Holidays, and the history of Yiddish music.
  • The production of a CD with Groninger cantorial music, a concert of the works by the Groninger composer Joseph Ascher, an arrangement including a concert of the Esther Oratorium by the  “Nederlandse Bach Vereniging”
  • Guided tours of the Folkingestraat area, formerly the heart of the Jewish community.
  • A bus tour to various Jewish cemeteries in the province.
  • Placing a memorial at “De Jodenkamp” (Jewish Field), the site of the oldest Jewish cemetery in the city.
  • Maintenance of a database of the headstones at all the Jewish cemeteries in the city and province of Groningen.
  • Thanks to the pioneering work of Mr. J.H. de Vey Mestdagh we had a very good start fot this project.

Thanks to the wonderful initiatives and projects which have been taken and realized by former board members of our foundation, the interest in the history and customs of the Jewish communities in Groningen has increased enormously. As a result several organisations have taken over our goals by organising expositions, lectures, courses, guided tours, etc.

The new board (since October 2012) is currently developing new activities. Its focus is now on cemeteries in the city and province of Groningen and their maintenance. We would also like to extend our contacts with other historical foundations in Groningen.

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Contact:  Administration of the Stichting Historie Joods Groningen